60 Seconds to a Rollover on a Quiet Suburban Street!

John, Ellie, Jackie, Tom & Kevin Hynes
Photo courtesy of Babboni Photography

Jackie’s Story

It was a beautiful fall night in October of 2006. My husband and I received a phone call from our 16-year-old son, Kevin, telling us he had an accident and we needed to come now. Our teenage sons were on their way home from church youth group. Kevin was driving our red jeep. He had his license for three months and he was still under the one friend restriction. He had his brother and a friend in the car and he offered another friend a ride home.

Three of the boys had their seatbelts on and one was putting a seatbelt on as the crash occurred. The boys were heading eastbound, a car was heading westbound. The other car contained three kids from a different youth group also heading home. They had just dropped off a girl who heard and saw the whole crash.

The driver of the other car saw our jeep coming fast so she came to a complete stop. Kevin was coming from the west and driving too fast. He had the music going and he was a 16-year-old showing off. He tried to avoid the other car by turning the wheel quickly which caused the jeep to barrel roll three times over the other car and eventually land on its wheels.

That all happened within less than 60 seconds from the time they left the home where the youth group meeting was held. The boy in the back, who did not have a seatbelt on, fell onto my younger son, John, in the backseat. John pushed him back into his seat position and he stayed in his seat through all three rolls. When the jeep stopped rolling John got out of the car spit the glass out of his mouth, brushed the glass out of his hair and started screaming at his brother for driving like an idiot.

The accident happened on a Sunday night. The Friday before, good friends of the parents of the other driver, felt lead to pray for protection of that family, which they obediently did.

Miraculously, no one went for medical treatment from the accident. The kids attended school the next day.

The police officer said, "Accidents like this we're typically pulling out body bags." He also said to my son, “Kevin, I want you to know, if anyone would have died here, you would've been going to jail tonight.” Fortunately, he was able to come home with us.

Kevin Takes Responsibility for His Actions & Ask For Forgiveness!

Excerpts from Kevin’s Apology Letter to all Teens in Both Cars

I am deeply and sincerely sorry for my actions on Sunday. I was going way too fast in the area and should have never been in that situation. I am still in disbelief that I chose to make such stupid actions but I did in fact make some extremely stupid and life-threatening actions. I hope that you would find it within yourself to forgive me. I know right now God will help me through my tough time, and if you are also having a tough time because of me, God will help you through it. After having taken such stupid actions, putting people I know and don't know in danger of losing their lives, I am deeply sorry and hope that you would forgive me.


Lessons Learned:

Friends, loud music, texting, talking and driving, speeding and showing off will not lead to a safe ride and an enjoyable evening.


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