Recommended Safe Teen Driving Links and Programs

TV Interviews Featuring Safe Driving Tips

Jackie video, “Eliminating Driving Distractions”

April is National Distracted Driving Month

Why do we text and drive?

Driving Back To School Safely

Winter Driving Tips for Parents and Teens

Safe Homecoming Driving

Prom Driving

Teen Drivers Learn Cruise Control

Hitting The Deer, Part 1

Hitting the Deer, Part 2

Alive at 25 Parent Program Online

The best $25 a parent will ever spend. The program informs parents of high risk situations that teens frequently encounter and how to avoid them and also provides parents with ideas on how to handle conversations with their teen. Go to and sign up for the Alive at 25 Parent Program for only $24.95.

Defensive Driving Programs

"Teen Drivers Learn to Quickly Maneuver in High Risk Situations at Road America Teen Driving School. Sign up and Save $20.00, use Promo Code: Save20"

Road America Driving School

Street Survival

Online Resources

ADHD Drivers Instructor Training

Elderly Driver Initiative

Governors Highway Safety Association

Consumer Report

Summer Driving for Teens

WInter Driving Tips

Before They Take the Wheel

Insurance Institute of Highway Safety
Order Young Drivers DVD on line

National Safety Council advice for parents of teens

Drive for Life... The National Safe Driving Test & Initiative
Great tips on safe driving and important links to safe driving sites.

Traffic and Weather

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Surviving Teen Driving

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A Comprehensive Approach to Teen Driving Safety

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Graduated Driver License

New Limits for Teen Drivers

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Safer Teen Driving for Arkansas Teens

Keeping Teen Drivers Safe

Teen Driver Resource Guide and Fact Sheet

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University of California Davis Health System emphasizes safe teen driving.

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Parents Role for Teen Drivers

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Safety Tips for Parents and Teen Drivers

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Sample Driver Test & Videos

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The Dori Slosberg Foundation
Provides resources for parents of Florida teens to safely navigate the high risk years.

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Be Prepared Not Scared

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Safe Drivers Hawaii

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Idaho Teen Driving Because Every Life Counts

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Cyber Driver

Defensive Driving programs in Illinois

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Allen County Drive Alive
Community program

Defensive Driving in Indiana

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Drive Safe Cedar Valley
Community program, Waterloo, IA

Defensive driving in Iowa

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Kansas Traffic Safety Resource

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City of Bowling Green: Teen Driver Safety

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Louisiana Highway Safety Commission: Teen Drivers

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Maine Teen Drivers

Promote Safe Teen Driving in Maine, PDF

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Maryland Teen Safe Driving Coalition

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Parent’s Guide on Junior Operator License Laws
Help Your Teen Driver Be Safe. Not Sorry.

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Making Teen Drivers Safer

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Teens Behind the Wheel.  “As experience is gained, expose your teen to different driving conditions including wet roads, snow, freeways, rural highways, night driving, etc”  This 12 page informational brochure is a step-by-step guide for parents to provide a phased privilege program.  click on links, and click on the icon on the left

Defensive Driving

Alive at 25 Defensive Driving Course for Young Drivers

Defensive driving programs for young adults and parents

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Mississippi Cell Phone Laws and Legislation

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Defensive Driving Courses

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Nevada Teen Driving

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New Hampshire

Save a Teen Driver

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New Jersey

The Parent Resource for Teen Driving Safety

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New Mexico

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New York

Teen Driving Safety Booklet for Parents

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North Carolina

Motor Vehicle Safety

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North Dakota

NDDOT: Teen and Parent Drivers

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Ohio Teen Driver Coalition

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What Parents Can Do To Prevent Oklahoma Car Accidents

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The Oregon Parent Guide to Teen Driving

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Buckle Up Pennsylvania

Just Drive Pennsylvania

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Rhode Island

Tips for Raising Safe Teen Drivers

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South Carolina

South Carolina Department of Public Safety

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South Dakota

South Dakota Driver Licensing for Teens

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Tennessee Driver Resources

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Texas Department of Public Safety

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Teen’s Guide to Smart Driving

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Interactive DriverTutorial

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Safe Teen Driving

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Washington Traffic Safety Commission

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Washington, D.C.

D.C. Tops New Ranking of Safest Places for Teen Drivers

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West Virginia

6 Ways Parents Can Encourage Safe Teen Driving

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Children’s Health Education Center
A member of Children’s Hospital & Health System, Creative programs provide teens with the opportunity to work together to attain grant money to promote safe driving at their high schools.

Click It or Ticket – New Seatbelt Law
Seat belts are required for all occupants in a vehicle in Wisconsin. Teens who violate the law and are still under the GDL, Graduated Driver License will receive a ticket and an extension of 6 more months of the Graduated Driver License restrictions.

Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin

Forever Changed
Program for High Schools, includes mock crash scene and student participation. Call 414.805.3666

Just Drive

Milwaukee Family Magazine
Fall & Winter 2009 and Spring Summer 2010

Safe Teen Driving, Teen Decision Making, Teen Dating and Relationships, Returning to School Safely and other articles.

Pick up a free copy at Walgreens or call 262.367.5303 for other pick up locations.

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Miss Wyoming Outstanding Teen Promotes Safe Teen Driving