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Road America Advice for Teens

The Road America Teen Driving Program advises you to talk to your teen the following...Read Article »

Are We Addicted to Texting and Driving?

Temptation meets opportunity when a cell phone is ringing or beeping with a text while we are driving.Read Article »

Deer in The Headlights Solution

Here are steps that you can take to ensure a safer trip when animals are on the Move.Read Article »

Teens Driving Under The Influence of Parents

Your attitudes and belief in your child's abilities and potential to achieve his or her best contribute to your child's success in academics, sports, music and extra-curricular activities. Read Article »

Safe Teen Driving Starts with Phased Privileges

Sean is 16 years old and he has just received his driver license. He is excited. His mom is relieved. She will not have to bundle up the younger children every weekday evening and drive to the high school to pick up Sean from basketball practice. She will allow Sean to drive to basketball practice, school sporting events, the movies, and a few social events in his first few months of driving. Read Article »

Safe Teen Driving Starts with Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving teaches the driver to prepare, predict, prevent, protect. Read Article »

Is Your Teen Texting and Driving Right Now?

If you are uncomfortable with this question, it is time to have a conversation with your teen about distracted driving and the unfortunate consequences. Read Article »