The Road America Teen Driving Program puts Your Teen Safely Into the Driver’s Seat!

The Road America Teen Driving Program also advises you to talk to your teen about all of the following:

Keep Your Cell Phone Off — Multiple studies indicate using a cell phone while driving is the equivalent of driving drunk―that's even when using a hands-free phone.

Don't Text — Research shows texting―on average―causes a loss of focus on the road for 4.6 seconds. You can drive the length of a full football field in that time. A lot can go wrong while you drive the length of a football field without your eyes on the road. Don't try the "texting-while-stopped" approach, either, as many states ban texting while behind the wheel. And, when you have your head down, you won't notice key developments that may occur. Remember, you still need to pay attention to the road when you're stopped.

Minimize Distractions — It may be tempting to eat, drink, flip around the radio dial, or play music loudly while you're cruising around town; however, all can cause your mind or vision to wander, even for a few seconds. As an inexperienced driver, you are more apt to lose control of your car. Distractions can significantly increase the chances that you do not notice impending danger or notice it too late and lose the ability to control the vehicle.

Drive Solo — Having a single teen passenger in your car can double the risk of causing a car accident. Adding additional teen passengers causes the risk to escalate.

Turn on Your Headlights — Using your headlights increases your visibility and helps other drivers see you. Early morning, late at night or early evening (dusk), foggy conditions, rain and snow conditions all require the use of lights.

Obey the Speed Limit — Speeding is a major contributor to teen accidents. This is especially true when driving on unfamiliar roads or roads with lots of traffic.  Don't feel pressured to keep up with traffic if it seems like everyone else is flying by you. Driving a within the speed limit helps ensure a safe trip and avoids costly traffic tickets.

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Road America Teen Driving Program

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