Safe Teen Driving Starts with Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving teaches the driver to prepare, predict, prevent, protect.


As a defensive driver, you will have planned in advance for potentially dangerous scenarios that may occur on the road. You will know how to identify the risky behaviors of other drivers or changing weather conditions and you will have practiced evasive manuevers in order to create a different outcome and prevent collision.


The driver next to you is involved in a conversation on his cell phone. You can predict that this driver will not be anticipating harmful situations that are evolving. He is not focused on what is happening and will not be able to respond quickly to changes in the traffic and conditions


The alert and attentive defensive driver sees far ahead. Why does the oncoming van look like it has no driver? The driver is reaching over to grab the bottle of soda that fell out of place on the driver’s last turn. When you see something happening ahead of you, or in your rearview mirror, or one of your side mirrors, you must be ready to act confidently. Maintaining presence of mind and safely adjusting speed, distance, and position in your lane will often bring a positive result.


Give a lot of thought to the most important people in your life. This same group of people is often in the vehicle with you. Your foresight and decision to take a defensive driving class and require your teen to take a class, may protect all of you from serious injury or death.

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