Teens Driving Under The Influence of Parents

Safe Teen Driving Starts with Parent Role Models

Your attitudes and belief in your child's abilities and potential to achieve his or her best contribute to your child's success in academics, sports, music and extra-curricular activities.

Attitudes and behaviors about driving also influence your teen's perceptions about the driving experience. The best place to start is by evaluating if your own attitudes and behaviors lead to safe driving.

Parent Driving Self Assessment:

Do I follow all safety laws?

  • always wear a seat belt and require all passengers to wear seat belts
  • stay within the speed limit at all times
  • slow down for yellow lights and never speed up for a yellow light

Am I a courteous driver?

  • leave enough distance between my car and the car in front of me
  • allow other drivers enough room to make a lane change when necessary

Am I a focused driver?

  • pull over to a safe location when I need to make or receive a cell phone call or text
  • pull over to a safe location to eat, reach for an item or change the music
  • never drive while impaired by alcohol or another substance including prescription medication

Do I maintain my car, prepare properly for long trips and adhere to travel advisories?

  • maintain clean windows for clear visibility, replace tires with worn treads and fill to correct air pressure, do not keep heavy boxes or sports equipment in the trunk which may cause weight shifts and vehicle swerving, frequently change the oil and do regular maintenance checks.
  • refrain from driving during dangerous travel advisories, plan a route and a back-up route for longer trips and check weather and road conditions in advance

For more ideas on how to be a great role model for your teen: Download Earned Privileges, a phased privilege program and read the US News and World Report article, Firm Parents Keep Teen Drivers Safe.

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